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From RFQ to order delivery, we track and monitor status every step of the way. Our mission is to emphasize excellence in our products by demonstrating integrity and transparency in our actions, as well as exceeding client requirements and expectations for quality, delivery, and total value.

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Welcome to RBR Machine.

Companies from many industries — from oil and gas to aerospace, agriculture, renewable energy and nuclear power — rely on precision manufacturing to keep their operations running. Without a precision machine shop that can manufacture quality parts with quick turnaround that meet the most demanding precision specifications, the important work these companies do comes to a halt.

Quality and Speed

When it comes to manufacturing, machining and milling, precision matters. But so does the speed at which you can get the parts you need. From the moment you start working with RBR Machine or submit an RFQ, we are focused on getting you the custom machined parts you need as quickly as possible, without sacrificing quality or precision in the process. We track every piece and every part that goes through our shop to ensure that we deliver only products that exactly meet your specifications.

How Can We Help You?

We provide quality machine parts for a variety of industries, including oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, solar and wind energy, nuclear and agriculture.

With every client, our goal is the same: transparency and integrity, with a focus on exceeding your expectations for quality, delivery and value. Find out how RBR Machine can meet the needs of your company.

Oil & Gas

If your company is in the oil and gas industries, you know that having the right parts for all the equipment you operate is essential for continuing production. Our prototyping, precision manufacturing and CNC machining can provide the versatility and innovation you need to stay one step ahead of the competition.


In the aerospace industry, precision matters, and there is no room for error. From massive jets that carry people all over the world to rockets that astronauts use to explore space, aerospace applications require extreme precision and attention to detail. That’s where we do our best work.


One of the largest markets for precision machined parts is the automotive industry. Billions of people rely on vehicles to get where they need to go, so process controls and quality parts are essential. RBR Machine is on the cutting edge of advances in precision manufacturing for the automotive industry.

Solar & Wind Energy

RBR Machine fabricates the parts you need for solar and wind energy equipment in a state-of-the-art facility with the latest equipment to keep up with advances in alternative energy equipment manufacturing. Our streamlined processes and expertise get you the parts you need quickly with consistent quality.


Nuclear energy is expanding in popularity as countries look for ways to lower carbon emissions. It requires the most precise components that meet exact specifications for quality and consistency to ensure the safety of the people in and around the nuclear facility, and the ability to continue operations.


Today’s farming and agriculture industry has evolved in many ways, and large, complex agricultural equipment is just one of many technological advances. Precision manufacturing for agriculture helps everyone from small farms to large producers run an efficient operation and deliver only the highest-quality food.

The Latest Technology and Training

Our facilities are designed with the needs of large-part manufacturing in mind, and our large-capacity machine shop can quickly produce what you need. More than 95% of the equipment we use is less than two years old; we know how important it is to stay up to date with all the latest equipment and advances in precision manufacturing, including:

    • CNC machining, milling and turning
    • EDM manufacturing
    • Multi-axis manufacturing
    • Engineering expertise
    • Satellite hardware
    • Flight hardware
    • Downhole tools, and more

RBR Machine is also ISO 9001 certified and AS 9100 registered, and committed to the highest level of quality management, effective processes, safety and consistency in everything we do.

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Oil and Gas
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Quality Precision Machine Shop

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